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Music And Fashion: How the Two Go Hand and Hand

November 24, 2017



The relationship between Fashion and music is one that the world has witnessed and been accustomed to for decades. From the 60’s and 70’s to 2017, both music and fashion have served as universal languages that we can all comprehend and converse through.


See, it works in 3 ways. Firstly, when fashion designers and entertainment celebrities engineer fashion to fit a declared project. Tommy and Gigi anyone? Another collaboration occurs when youth subcultures articulate themselves through fashion and the third is when the fashion industry interprets a musical theme or trend. These inevitable influences have been among us since our parent’s heydays. From the debut of the mini skirt to the historical hippie movement of Woodstock, the 1960’s were all about peace, love, and music. Bright colors and reckless behavior for the win! Saturday Night Fever had the 70’s in a disco daze of bell-bottoms and platform shoes, while men even indulged in the occasional jumpsuit. 1980’s fashion saw its share of the good, the bad and the ugly. With shoulder pads as the decade-defining fashion fad, this era revolved around leg warmers, over-sized earrings, and finger-less gloves. Madonna at the 1984 VMAs just about sums this decade up.


While the rappers and rockers of the 90’s sported all things baggy jeans, sheer slips, and baby doll dresses also made their mark. It was during these times that many in the fashion industry began to see just how great the influence of an artist or music, played in fashion. The most influential couple of 90’s fashion, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were king and queen of the grunge scene. Heavily influenced by the legendary Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne and even Fall Out Boy, the 2000s have seen countless trends and fads weave their way in and out of the fashion world. While cargo pants, jersey skirts, and tunics over jeans were left in the first decade of this era, chokers, denim jackets, and distressed graphic tees have made a return and are here to stay, at least for now. Fashion and music are both true forms of art. The last 5 decades are precise examples of how the two are constantly evolving side by side and will continue to do so.





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