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How To Get Out Of Your Winter Despondency

March 24, 2018

This art is done by a very talented girl I came across on Tumblr. Go check her out. 


As fashion month came to a close at the beginning of March, I fell into a writing slump. I haven’t written something that has been published in over three weeks and I have to attribute this case of writer’s block to my utter sickness with hearing about anything fashion related and a little pit in my stomach that comes to me around this time every year. I didn’t want to write about fashion for once, so I thought I’d write a little about this intellectual debacle.


This burst of angsty, unsatisfactory restlessness hits me at the end of March every year due to Spring representing change. The season is supposed to be about new beginnings and getting rid of old things and bringing in new things. Given that I am in high school, this is never the case. Every morning, I arrive at the same prison-like school at 7:27 just in time for the first bell at 7:30 and leave as fast as I can at 2:30 in the afternoon. The way every day is just like the last is enough to drive you bananas. I usually try to avoid mentioning that I am in high school because it usually negatively impacts the way people I work with look at me, but sometimes it just has to be addressed.


This year’s Spring slum is a little different from the rest, though, because next year everything WILL be about to change. I’ll be ending my high school career and (hopefully) moving on to better things. That is almost as equally spine-tingling as it is horrifying, but, nonetheless, it will be happening.


So, since this could possibly be the last end-of-winter-high-school-sucks-funk of it’s kind, I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks that I use to get out of it every year. I should mention that I am potentially writing out these tips in order to motivate myself to listen to myself, so don’t feel guilty if you’re feeling uninspired.


1. Focus a little more on your mental and physical health.


This is definitely something I do around this time every year, almost without thinking about it, for a couple reasons. The first being Winter weight is a real thing, the second being Winter makes me feel gross due to the cold, dreariness of it. I’m not very active during the Winter and school usually reaches its most stressful point after Winter break, so I tend to lose track of my own body. I’m really terrible at being healthy, but making an effort makes me feel better about myself. I keep it very simple and just start counting my calories and go for more walks. I am also trying to read more and take more time to myself. Making loads of new Pinterest boards is also something I consider self-care.


2. Take up a new hobby or put time into one you already have.


Writing is one of my favorite hobbies, so I try to journal what is on my mind as often as I need to. It is a refreshing way to gain a better perspective on the things that go through your head and what you need to do about them. I also love having some sort of artistic outlet, my favorite being cutting up the modern mess that is Vogue and pasting it into my own collage-creation. Finding things to do that allow you to vent without actually venting is pretty great.


3. Do a digital detox.


I have been trying to do this as much as I can, but I am still very attached to my social media. I try to delete the Instagram app or the Snapchat app for a few days at a time. If you’re bold enough to go au natural then go for it! If you're not, separating yourself for a little while can still be eye-opening. It makes you realize just how often you mindlessly turn to social media as a distraction and how you could release that energy in a more healthy way.


4. Taking more time for overall self-care.


I have come to realize that in the end, it all leads back to self-care. Your mood, your health, your outlook on life, can all be traced back to how much time you spend on and with yourself. I mentioned earlier going on walks and reading, and those are two of my favorite activities to do with myself. I also like to invest in some new skincare or clothes, take a bath, or write out my daily ponderings. Don’t even be afraid to do the stuff you have deemed too cheesy to bear, like writing yourself sticky notes.


I hope I have been able to help someone out there feel a little better about the promising new season. Go for a walk! Read a book! Take a nap! Stop cyberstalking Rihanna! I think I may have just been aiming to inspire myself, but that has to mean something, right?


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