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A Love Letter to 2019

January 6, 2019

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You, unwavering.


One thing that 2018 taught me is that there is beauty in being able to focus on the present without thinking about the past or the future. I learned how exhausting it is to invest all of your thoughts into what the future will hold because no matter what, things are always going to change in ways you do not expect. That is especially true when you’re young, given that your mind is still constantly evolving. In a way, 2018 felt like I was standing in the middle of a busy street in a foggy city, with cars whipping by me, like the world was spinning without me. It is a scary, lonely way to feel. I took solitude too seriously and took for granted the warmth that other people bring into your life. 


Therefore, I demand 2019 to be different. I am a sucker for fresh starts and a new year is no exception. For me personally, 2019 has a lot of change in a store and I hope to be able to embrace that in ways that help me grow. 


I believe that embracing change and evolution is vital to embrace the hope that is necessary to go throw life with positivity. This year, my resolutions are all fewer specificities of ways to improve small things in my life and more about embracing the possibility for wonderful things to happen. 


I’ve noticed that the changes that I desire come when I don’t focus too extremely on how to make them happen and instead focus on the fact that I can attract them without stress. I’m inspired by the way that the world around me shapes how I evolve and I hope that continues to be true this year. I have a bad habit of hating the past because I have full faith at all times that the best is yet to come, but that leaves me with a constant feeling of yearning that is always unsatisfied. Therefore, hopefully, I can learn to intertwine my unwavering optimism with a warm embrace of what is in front of me. 


Globally, a new year is a little intimidating. 2018 saw so many shifts that have the potential to be revolutionary in the future. The strength exhibited by young people at the beginning of this year was beyond inspiring and helped instill hope within me that has lasted me throughout all of the political turmoil that followed. I have faith that the newly elected progressive members of the government will fill our new year with just as much hope. 


Overall, I hope this is a year of love. I hope you love all of the people you meet, the places you see, the choices you make and the struggles you are faced with. Let 2019 be a year that allows you to embrace all of the light that the world is in such desperate need of. 

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January 6, 2019

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